December 24, 2016

Didja Hear -- It's a Catzowey Meowvalous Time Of The Year

Ho HO HOzatini! 
Hey datza EyeTailYun for ha ha ha happy holidays.
 So ME & MYself are trying on Holly Dazed outfits.
What's you think? 

 ha Ha HAzatini - -  it's a  sneaky peaky Santy's hat!

Catzowey! Me & MYself are
 showcasing some glistening Glow n' Snow balls
cuz tis the season to be purrrrliant!

No more Glowing Balls - just having a ball
being a Holly Dazed smitten kitten!

And no need to purrrponder if ME & MYself has not been nice
Santy Paws knows for sure - (I has been spicy nicey!)
No matter how you look at it,  Me & MYself 
signed up to be  Santy Paws this year to spread great cheer.

Hoorayzatiin it's Me & MYself strutting
my Cwismus Caroling outfit on the job at 
a fabtastic nursing home (are YOU feeling
in the holly dazed mode yet??)

Pawsatively posing with my Staff for accompanying
me to my Animal Assisted Therapy job all over town 
all year long.

Merry Meowy Christmas ~ Happy Hanukah ~ Catzowey Kwanza!

Peaceful Paws Galore to wonderful you,

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Anja said...

My dear Guido,to you,Grappa and the whole family,with two or four paws,AUGURI DI BUON NATALE E FELICE ANNO NUOVO from your italian friends Giotto,Cleo,Grisù,Jeeg,Samson and mom Anja..we love you and wish you every happiness and treats for this coming 2017..
Enjoy the holidays!

Robert said...

Merry Christmas, Guido,Grappa and Mom!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas Guido!!!

Peter Askin said...

I hope your Christmas was super special dear Guido!

Katie and The Katz said...

Dear Guido, we founds you in the Cat Calendar and wants to wish you a belated Christmas and Mew Year and hopes to see you again in 2017 sumtime! You am furry photogenic and lovable.

Katie Kitty Too.

Three Chatty Cats said...

Oh Guido, you are just so handsome! Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to see more of your beautiful pictures!

Hairballs & Hissyfits said...

love the hats!! very handsome cat

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