February 22, 2009

Dodging Da Oscar PURRpurrazzi

WHAT a weeka and my four paws are doing high five and I'm shouting CATZOWEY cuz it's MahDeeGwaw and The Oscars too ... well me and myself calls them da A-Cat-A-Me Awards and it's a meowvalous increducatulous star studded night, cuz everyone is a glamorama cat in Hollywood. Oh believe me and my whiskers, cuzza I knowsa Hollywood cuz I flew there in August on da big bird when I was on da TV show "Think Like A Cat" - and we all know da Producer wasn't eyeTAILyun and he thought like a pooch! Oops, enuf of dat stuff!

I can't find my fellow eyeTAILyun movie star, Sophia Loren yet, so me and my stripes are trotting solo down da red carpet with a catzillion flash bulbs in my eyeTAILyun eyes, and it's fantasticat I gotta my finer designer Gucci-gold shades out - they're PURRfect fur keeping the PURRpurrazi wondering whatcha's thinking... ah ha, we all knowsa the press is curious as a cat fur shure! "Over here Guido! Is your tie a customized JohnnyFursattchi design? Hey Guido where's Sophia?" the purress folks are hooting and hollering.

The Red Carpet fur getting our fotos snapped, is outdoors, and we have furricane force winds on da red carpet in Hollywood (that's in CalEyeFurKneeYah) and I'm having a catOstrophic time keeping my gold Gucci's on....

Me and my smitten kitten self had a way up high mezzanine seat at da Oscars show (unless you and your paws are nominated, ya get relegated upstairs) so I had to get upon the railing to get a better view of all da razzle dazzle dat was happening on da stage.

Shure didn't wanna catnap thru anybody got MILK or missin out on saying Hello Kitty to Penelope Purr Cruise - she's incomPURRable and makes my whiskers wiggle! Ay carumba kitty!

It's MawDeeGwaw week which means Easter Wabbit dude is arriving in almost 40 days or 40 nights - whichever way ya looks at it, there's abundakitty time for catnapping fur shure before he and his giaganticat ears make his bouncing Bunny appearance.

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Anonymous said...

OH BOY,GUIDO!! Mom went NUT last night,because she has this crazy passion for Hugh Jackman (he has NOTHING on us!!) so she was drooling the whole cerimony! How disgusting!
I loved the show!
And of course Sofia Loren!
You'd have been the best red-carpet date for her,amico mio!

Toulouse said...

Guido my friend, mom and I were watching the Awards only hoping to see you!!! I thought for sure you'd win one! Well, you sure won in my book! Wow, those glasses sure are cool and suit you to a tee!
My highlight of the night was seeing my old pal Jerry Lewis. You are probably too young to remember him! He sure made mom laugh a lot when she was young! Does my old heart good to see people like that get honorable recognition!!!
Can't believe the Easter bunny is just around the corner! Mom is going to have to find me the perfect Easter Bonnet *giggles*

Love ya,

Honey P. Sunshine said...

u are so hansum!

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