December 20, 2009

I'm Rapping While Wrapping !

Jingle and mingle and dangle it all - shuksatini I'ma having a ball! Cuz itza da time of the year when ya don't wanna hear "so many days left" till Santa will appear! Gotta get my organicat Snow Pal ready fur a stroll, cuz itza time fur a politicatically correct Holly Daze wrap and roll.
Tis da season to be jolly and oh mama mia and by golly - Me and my smitten kitten self izza bizzi cuz weeza little bit wrapped up in da Holly Daze tizzy....

Don't let yur giftie wraps get out of control ... and if you do, be shure ya ducks frum da giganticat roll.

"Do you see what I see?" Itza roll - a catzillion sized roll of paper for rapping. Said the inky dinky little Drummer boy to the lamb ... Hmm me and myself just loves
da tuna sashimi so I'm gonna forego da ham!

I wazza Star struck at furst site, yep uh huh, when I met Missus Paws on an awesome pawsome holy night. She asked if I'd been naughty or nice and I said "shuksatini lemme give youza da advise". I'ma EyeTailYun and not once izza I bad - but purrhaps I canza improve myza English just a tad!

Yikes weeza Sirprized dat Cwismus is here, so me and my whole family wishes youza happy Holly Daze and good cheer!

Ciao & Meow & Buon Natale (datsa EyeTailYun)!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty and Baci (dats her having da Holly Daze hiss fit), Yolo my little brofur, and our Landlord, Lender and Chefette ~ Momma.

Our "Happy Holly Daze" family foto izza izza made pawsable by my fabuloso favorito fotographer, Mark Rogers


Daisy said...

Guido, you sure know how to do the holidays right! I'm wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays.

Anonymous said...

Your awesome...and you always remind me of tough New York Girl Debbie Harry...although I don't know if she's Italian, but she does look a little like your landlady!

Tigger said...

I love your holiday picture! Baci is too funny!

Bob and Family

Honey P. Sunshine said...

rap on dood... furry catmouse to yor house gweedo

Curly said...

Guido, your furmily photo is pawtastic. We love efurryone's expurressions, including Auntie Judi's! My mommy loves the Mrs. Claws doll and says that you look super-sweet in that photo.
Thanks for sharing your holiday cheer with us!

Unknown said...

Guido yeh man rap on youza is da greatest EyeTailYun kitteh of all time!!!

Unknown said...

Well Eye messed it up so am back again. Love your Gazette Guido youza is fantasticatowowzy!!

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