December 23, 2013

Ho Ho HO Holly Dazed Photo Cards Frum Us To You

On the 4th day of some year before Cwismus my good friend Mark Rogers Photography gave to me, a meowvvalous Holly Dazed foto opportunity!

Then on the 3rd day of some year  before Cwismus we were told to not misbehave, cuz the fotographer was planning to make a Holly Dazed foto card we could always save.

 On the 2nd day of some year before Cwismus my brofur Yolo & Me got up in dat bamboo tree to wish you a tropicatical Holly Daze wearing our Hawaiian leis.

Then on the 1st day of last year sometime before Cwismus, Me & Myself and my Staff gathered for a Buon Natale (hey datza EyeTailYun for Merry Christmas) foto card feast cuz weeza purrroud EyeTailYuns, yep uh huh I tells ya that's for shure.

Now this year Me & Myself and my Staff saying you should start every day in a joyous fun and fabulous way.  For shure, weeza having da pizza pies and Furrrrench bubbly for our breakfast! Hey - where's my organicat nip cheese?

Always hoping Me & Myself  bring some cheer during the Year to YOU and wishing you a nonCATastrophic Holly Dazed week.

Amore! (pssst, thatza Italian for LOVE cuz I luvs luvs luvs youza)

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Anonymous said...

Love Mark Rogers' photos of your kitties, Judi. And think that the email shows the first photo of Grazie? Guess she is just a kitten, or is she a small cat?

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photo of friends at Christmas. Merry Christmas and a healthy happy New Year from a Meowster subscriber and friend.

The Island Cats said...

Those are some great Christmas cards! Merry Christmas to you!

Anonymous said...

Tu sei il gatto più meravigliosa del mondo intero, caro Guido! E la tua mamma è fantastico!
Auguri a voi e la vostra per un Buon Natale e un felice, sano e prospero Anno Nuovo.

meowmeowmans said...

Nice cards, Guido! Merry Christmas to you and your Staff!

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