December 30, 2013

Ringy Ding Ring In 2014 - The New Mew Year

 Holy Cannoli itza almost time to welcome in the new Mew Year !

And Me & Myself are purrpondering purrcisely what pawty hat to wear when that giganticat crystal ball drops at the stroke of the Auld Lang Syne hour - could be the purrfecto hour to devour some Tuna Wheels with new years Nip topping.

Catzowey! If 2014 izza near, that means I'ma turning 8 this coming year!

Me & Myself might just sit out the festivities,  but here comes my mostest meowvalous happiest of happy New Mew Year wishes to special YOU! Pssst, you can humz along or sing Auld Lang Syne  with me right here.  Yep uh huh!

Now be shure you makes this new mew year a non CATastrophic one!

Ciao & Meow,

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Kitties Blue said...

That hat is so you, Guido. We can't imagine anyone else wearing it. have the happiest of New Year's celebrations! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Anonymous said...

I believe a nip of Catnip and sip of Champagne would be appropriate for Guido, especially when he's watching the crystal globe fall in Times Square. There are sure to be plenty of commercials, so Guido will have time to "Sip & Nip". Good health in 2014.

meowmeowmans said...

Looking good, Mario! Happy New Year, pal. :)

Julia Williams said...

Very cute New Year photos, Guido!!

Didja hear that we got 201 comments at the comment-a-thon? So now the PAWS kitties and woofies will have lotsa good food to eat in 2014, courtesy of Canidae!!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Happy New Year pal, I love the hats!

Honey P. Sunshine said...

Happy Nood Yeer Gweedoh

Unknown said...

We are a little late, but had to stop in anyway to wish you a terrific New Year!

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